Purchasing one of the best face masks for acne 

women2Acne is a well-known foe for people of all age groups, but it especially targets the teenagers. Bacteria and germs are the main culprit for the outbreak of acne. Human skin produces oil naturally, which is known as sebum. When the sebum production increases considerable, the skin becomes a building ground for bacteria. Other natural agents like dirt, dust and even the excessive accumulation of dead skin cells further worsens the condition. Acne doesn’t cause any serious health problem, but this skin condition can lead to inflammation of the skin, redness and even permanent scarring. This acne can prove to be a real nightmare and can easily affect one’s look considerably. For this very reason people should opt for the best face mask for acne. There are a number of acne relieving creams and products, but Proactiv Solution Micro-Crystal Acne Kit is the most well-known and has proved to be really effective for most of the people.

Constituents in the best face mask for acne 

The Proactiv Solution Acne kit comes with 4 Oz Proactiv Micro Crystal Advanced Cleanser, 4 Oz Proactiv Toner and 2 Oz Proactiv Micro Crystal Advanced Lotion.

It consists of micro-crystal Benzoyl peroxide, with minute uniform particles which works faster and gently recovers the skin. The Cleanser has a unique oil-free formula having smooth, tiny beads which aids in gentle exfoliation of dead skin cells and other impurities. In addition to it, Benzoyl peroxide penetrates inside pores and attacks bacteria responsible for the menacing acne and even helps to heal blemishes. The Revitalizing Toner helps to balance, tone and eliminate dead skin cells to reveal radiant skin. The product’s special formulation balances the skin’s natural acid while witch hazel refines and purifies its pores. The natural ingredients like aloe and chamomile soothes and softens the skin and removes excess surface oil without drying the skin.

Directions and other useful facts

proactive2Thanks to the 3 product system of the Proactiv Solution Micro-Crystal Acne Kit, users can now completely relieve themselves of acne within months. The using of the product is really easy.

  • The user should cleanse their face with water to remove macroparticles like dirt and dust and apply the cleanser. This cleanser helps to exfoliate skin and remove existing dust and bacteria from the epidermis while successfully getting rid of the dead skins.
  • Then the toner should be used. The presence of benzoyl peroxide helps to fight against the acne causing bacteria and helps to get rid of acne, inside out.
  • The Repairing Treatment cream is a light, oil-free lotion having finely milled benzoyl peroxide which helps to heal and prevent blemishes.

So to sum it up in a few words, Proactiv kit is definitely one of the best face masks for acne. It provides an all-round protection to the skin, thus treating the skin disorder at the earliest. To make the most out of this amazing product, it is recommended to follow the treatment with utmost discipline.

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