Effective Off The Counter Product Against Acne

women1Mostly known as Cosmeceuticals off the counter treatments for acne are lotions and creams that are mostly found on the shelves of pharmaceutical stores. Unfortunately, not all of this off the counter products are effective in the treatment against acne, there have been billions of dollars of sales from some of this off the counter products. But we would be considering the more effective over the counter products that has been known to be very effective against acne and can be gotten at any pharmaceutical stores in the united states  Its important to have a full knowledge of one’s skin before attempting to use any off the counter products so as not to increase the acne problem even more since there are many off the counter products that are known to contain ingredients that can fight against the growth and spread of acne it’s imperative that in the use of these products that they are administered with caution. One of the major content found in the off the counter products that are very effective against acne is;

Benzoyl peroxide;

Benzoyl peroxide which is a very effective agent against acne can be found in some of the lotions and creams found off the counter at the local pharmacy stores, its effective against Propionibacteria acnes which is the major bacterial agent found in acne responsible for the breakout of acne in the skin it is also very effective against any inflammations caused by the acne, certain products that are known to contain benzoyl peroxide are

Benzaderm gel


Acetones and Alcohol;

Known to be a major content of skin lotions against acne acetones and alcohol are also  very effective against the spread of acne in the skin as they are antimicrobial and help fight against the spread of the acne in the skin area as a result of the acetone content in most off the counter products it helps a lot in the reduction of oil content in the skin, alcohol and acetones are found in toners and cleansers and go do help in their own way in the treatment against acne, some off the counter products known to contain alcohol and acetones are

Glytone acne treatment toner

Tyrosum acne cleanser

Salicylic acid;

This is also one of the major content agents found in off the counter that has proved to be very productive in acne treatments, saliclyclic acid is known to prevent abnormal shedding or breaking of skin that has been affected by acne its highly effective against black heads and white heads even against blockage of the skin pores and also prevents breakouts of acne plus it can be found as a major content in off the counter products like lotions and creams, some products known to contain salicylic acid includes


Noxzema Anti-Acne Gel

Noxzema Anti-Acne Pads

Part of the constraints in the treatment of acne, especially the ones gotten from off the counter is that they may not be as effective as planned, but in all, if after using some of these products for a while and little or no result is seen, it’s advisable to see a doctor as soon as possible who can effectively diagnose the best approach against the acne been treated.

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