Effective acne treatment for teens

teens1Millions of people worldwide are the victims of one of the most common skin disorder i.e. Acne. The surfacing of acne is most prevalent among teenagers and are generally caused due to puberty. The acne generally subsides completely, when a person reaches 25 years of age. But sometimes these acnes can be a really troublesome experience due to the excessive itching and redness associated with it. If inflicted these pimples can also lead to permanent scarring. So an effective acne treatment for teens is really important.

Simple steps for effective acne treatment for teens

Acne is a skin disorder which surfaces due to some bacterial agents or germs. There are a number of other factors which further aids in the germ build up in the skin and accelerates the symptoms of acne. So to get rid of acne from its root, certain steps should be adopted.

  1. The first step to be adopted is cleansing the face with cold water and rubbing or dapping it gently to remove the coarse dirt particles from the skin. It should be done at least twice a day.
  2. Teens should exfoliate their skin one or twice a week to prevent the accumulation of dead skins. The accumulation of dead skin can block the pores of the skin which further increases the acne.
  3. They can resort to some treatments and apply the medications as prescribed. Acne relieving ointments generally contain benzoyl peroxide which is immensely helpful to get rid of acne.
  4. On applying acne relieving creams or ointments, the skin becomes sensitive to the UV rays of sunlight. So the user should apply a proper SPF sunscreen while exposing their skin to the direct sunlight.
  5. Before application of ointment, the face should be cleaned thoroughly with warm water, preferably steam, as it helps to open up the pores of the skin and accelerates the acne removal process.
  6. Intake of ample water is strictly necessary as it helps to remove the toxins in the body and keep the whole system clean.
  7. Stress can be another factor responsible for causing acne. Teens are more susceptible to stress and thus abundant sleep and the disciplined exercise regime is mandated to effectively eliminate stress.
  8. A number of natural home-made face mask treatments can also prove to be helpful. These masks are easy to make and are really helpful. They help to keep the face clean and removes bacterial agents which are the foremost acne causing agent.
  9. Teenagers should keep their skin moisturized, as it keeps the skin tender and prevents itching of the skin.
  10. And the most important of them all. Acne should never be tampered with, as it might lead to clotting of blood and in severe cases, permanent scarring of the skin tissue.

In a nutshell, discipline and patience are the only virtues that can prove to be an effective acne treatment acne treatment for teens. Use of medications and following the practices listed above religiously, can ensure optimum result.

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