Best All Natural Remedies for Acne

what-is-the-best-acne-treatmentThere have been several products that have been developed for the treatment of acne some of which can be very expensive, but for those who can’t afford to buy the more expensive products out there are in luck as there are various natural remedies out there that can be very effective against acne, below are some of the few natural treatment against acne

Baking soda;

Still, one of the most important natural treatments out there against acne baking soda not only assists or helps in removing the breakout of acne but it’s also highly effective in the reduction of the inflammation caused as a result of the acne attack on the skin. To apply the baking soda it’s important that it’s mixed with warm water before its applied on the skin and then left for about 15mins to 20mins depending on the severity of the acne it can be left for longer amounts of time even overnight in some cases. Changes can be seen immediately after a few times of using it.

Coconut oil;

Known as a major content of moisturizing skin product coconut oil can also act as an antibacterial and antifungal agent and also helps because of its moisturizing nature against the redness of the skin, once applied there would be no more need for any other moisturizers as it helps in unclogging the pores of the skin. And is also good that only organic coconut oil should be used for effective results.

Aloe Vera;

Aloe Vera plants are very good against acne and can be applied directly by squeezing out the gel and applying directly to the affected area, it’s very soothing and highly efficient against redness caused as a result of acne.

Ice cubes;

Ice cubes help in the reduction of the redness caused by the acne by just rubbing it against the area affected by the ocean, similar results can be also achieved by using cold water on the affected area.


Garlic is very effective against bacterial and fungal infections and can be used against acne when topically applied on the skin and left for about half an hour to achieve best results.

Corn starch,

Corn starch is a very good natural treatment for acne because it helps against the redness and inflammation caused by acne, it can be applied to the area affected by the ocean or it can be applied to the whole face for effective results.

Egg Whites;

With the use of egg whites as a natural treatment for acne, egg whites must be separated from the egg yolk and applied directly on the skin, acting as a facial mask its very soothing and would help in tightening the skin so as to prevent further breakout of acne on the skin, it also helps in the reduction of oil on the skin and removal of impurities and dead cells.

Tea tree oil;

Tea tree oil is another highly effective natural treatment against acne, in its application, it should be mixed with an equal amount of water and applied on the skin or on the affected acne area with a cotton wool and left on the skin, and this would help as an antibacterial against any future acne attack.

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