Availing the best acne treatment for men

Man leaning on wall by arrow signsAcne and pimples are not strictly restricted to teenagers. According to a study, almost 43% of men above twenty and 20% of men above thirty suffer from acne. Acne not only damages the skin permanently, but it also hampers the confidence of the person bearing it. So to counter these symptoms, the search for the best acne treatment for men is necessary.

Prominent causes of acne among adults

Apart from the general circumstances that gives rise to acne, for men the causes slightly differ.

  • Men tend to shave a few times in a week. Such practice aids to get rid of the dead skin cells, but when the sharp blade of the razor comes in contact with the rough surface of the acne, it might lead to serious infection or bleeding. This in turn increases the chances of acne in men.
  • When the immune system tries to counter acne causing bacteria, it can lead to redness and eventually inflammation near the affected area.
  • Hormones are another major cause of excess oil production in the skin. Hormonal changes are not restricted among teenagers and can continue to cause an overproduction of oil among adults. Such a problem can be genetic, thus searching for the best acne treatment solution can be the best solution.
  • Excessive Stress, improper diet and scarce sleep also contribute to the production of acne among men. Excessive stress causes the body to produce excess hormones, which can lead to acne breakout.
  • Tampering or fiddling with a pimple release bacteria and infects the surrounding skin, thus accelerating acne growth.

What are the best acne treatment for men

  • Shaving less frequently can prevent the generation of pimples and inflammation. A thin shaving solution and use an electric razor can prove to be effective to prevent accidental pimple cuts.
  •  A gentle scrub can be used to shed skin layers. In extreme circumstances, a dermatologist should be consulted.
  • Generally, the best acne treatment products and kits, sports the same ingredients i.e. Benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, and a number of skin soothing solutions such as aloe leaf extracts or chamomile.
  • An oil free moisturizer should be used to prevent drying of the skin and to get rid of irritating. Cleansing the skin with a mild soap or gentle cleanser or an oil-free soap substitute can prove to be helpful.
  • In extreme circumstances blue light therapy and even laser resurfacing can prove to be helpful to reduce post-acne scarring.
  • Fast-acting anti-acne cream the likes of ActivClear is best suited for men. These products are made from natural ingredients like zinc sulfate, tea tree oil, protodioscin and a number of vitamins which eradicates acne while enriching the skin.

Adult men hold respectable positions in various respectable organizations and an acne outbreak can take a toll on their reputation as well as confidence. So acne should be dealt with utmost care and discipline. It takes about two months for the improvement to show up. Along with proper treatment, a balanced, healthy diet and ample water in the system is necessary to maintain proper nutrient balance in the body and to effectively eliminate toxins.

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